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When I first suggested a sleep consultant to my husband for our 11 months old twin boys, he was very skeptical but wanted to remain supportive. So we started to google and found 3 possible sites. But PreciousSleep.my ‘spoke’ to me and I was intrigued. Quickly made a call to the ever lovely Wing Yan and we clicked straight away. She was polite and friendly and never sounded obtrusive.

The day Wing Yan came to our house, both of us were practically walking zombies. With no sleep to care for our twinsies who at that time were very light sleepers (would wake at the sound of a leaf drop!), who woke every 4 hours for milk (not at the same time may I add!), and with one twin who relied heavily on his pacifier to fall asleep… safe to say that we were desperate for sleep!!!

Wing Yan took her time to listen to our issues, tried to best understand our situation and gave very clear guidelines with encouraging peptalks. There is a quiet confidence about her that we like and she is not overbearing at all. She is our Sleep Whisperer and safe to say that even after one night, night feedings are all gone now and the pacifier is a thing of the past. It was not exactly easy (more so for the parents actually) but it is sure doable! Our boys now sleep through the night for 10-12hours straight! Thank you Wing Yan from Precious Sleep, the miracle worker!

The Purr Family

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