Testimonial from Ivy

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I have a 4 month old son, and we have always been dealing with multiple night wakings and a baby that sleeps really late. The lack of sleep caused my husband and I to always feel exhausted and moody, it affected our health and work performance, and we constantly worry about the quality of my child’s sleep. My son has also been co-sleeping with us since birth, however, it has always been my goal to move him to his own cot. Before engaging with Wing Yan, I wasn’t sure if any sleep training would work, or will it help my son’s sleep. However after speaking to her, her friendly and patient personality has given me assurance, and she was also confident that we will be able to solve those problems.

Just within 2 weeks, we were able to solve all of my son’s major sleep problems! He understood his bedtime routine, he slept earlier, doesn’t have to rely on a swing anymore and was able to fall asleep independently in his cot. We also reduced the night feedings to just once. Overall, I am very pleased with the services and level of support Wing Yan gave me, and will definitely recommend her services to all sleep deprived mums and dads!

Ivy K, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia