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When I first contacted the sleep consultant (Wing Yan) at Precious Sleep to help sleep train my 14 month old daughter, I was skeptical that any form of sleep training was going to work. Our daughter’s sleep issues were mainly attributed to the frequent travel that we do for my husband’s work. Having already attended sleep school TWICE (for a four night residential program in Brisbane, Australia each time) with limited results, I was convinced that this season, frequent night wakings settling my baby was going to be a way of life and there was nothing I could do about it.

However when I spoke to Wing Yan at Precious Sleep, she was confident that sleep deprivation did not have to be a way of life, even with our frequent travel. She assured me that with some consistency, determination and new techniques, we could achieve some positive results with my daughter’s sleep even when traveling.

Wing Yan worked together with my husband and I to develop a Personal Sleep Plan for my daughter that was specific to our family’s routine and lifestyle. She always explained her suggestions and recommendations; and never made us do anything we were not comfortable with.

Three days into our “sleep training” with Wing Yan, we started to see some fantastic results. Don’t get me wrong – we still had bad days and bad nights, but Wingyan’s constant reassurance and accountability helped us stick to the (very detailed) Sleep Plan that she laid out for us. My husband and I were in constant communication with Wing Yan via group chat text messaging, (especially during the first few days of training) and felt assured that we were receiving competent help to deal with our daughter’s sleep challenges.

Wing Yan has helped us achieve our sleep goals for our daughter and we are thrilled! Traveling is no longer a chore, as our daughter can now self settle and sleep through the night even when she’s away from the familiarity of her own home. We are so grateful for Wing Yan’s help as it has changed our life!

My husband and I had an extremely positive experience with Wing Yan at Precious Sleep. She is professional, empathetic, confident, patient, and is great at what she does. We could sense her dedication to her job, and would highly recommend her services to all sleep deprived mums and dads!

Note: Wing Yan is based in Malaysia, and we did all correspondence via Skype video conferencing as well as Whatsapp Messaging (A free text messaging App). We did not find the physical distance a barrier at all – she always responded to our messages almost immediately – which was very helpful when we were in the middle resettling our daughter during nap/ bed times! The AUD/MYR exchange rate also makes this service very affordable for families in Australia! Payment was quick and secure via PayPal.

Ann F., Australia

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