How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

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In my last blog post, I wrote about how sleep deprivation can have an adverse effect on a child’s ability to learn, growth and mood. I also wrote about how sleep deprivation may result in a mum falling into postpartum depression. So, then, how much sleep is enough? The table below serves as a good guide for every parent, however, … Read More

Testimonial from Dawn

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I have two children, Dani who is 2.5 years old and Dylan who is 6 months old. Dani was quite a terror at bedtimes. She was used to first being rocked, and then patted till she fell asleep. We could never leave her alone in her room. The entire process took up to two hours every night. When I first … Read More

Sleep Deprivation a Requirement for Parenting?

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Does that sound familiar to you? I recalled that when I was expecting my first child, I always get asked that same question: “Are you ready for sleepless nights?”, and of course I would go “Yeah, I guess… Part and parcel of parenting right?” But as I learn more about what sleep deprivation does to both parent and child, and … Read More

The 5 Myths of Sleep Training

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Precious Sleep

Have you ever wondered what the definition of ‘Sleep Training’ is? Unfortunately, sleep training (or I prefer to use the word ‘coaching’) is very much misunderstood in this part of the world… there may be some lack of awareness, or the lack of education, or the lack of understanding that there is a way to solve child sleep issues! No … Read More

Welcome to Precious Sleep!

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Precious Sleep by Wing Yan

I often get asked “What made you interested in becoming a Sleep Consultant?” In my past 7 years working as a Management Consultant in an International Firm, I realise my passion is in helping my clients solve people and organisation issues – the same kind of passion I discovered when I unknowingly started preaching the importance of good sleep habits … Read More