5 Steps to Better Sleep

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I recently collaborated with Tollyjoy Malaysia to share some of the mysteries of baby’s sleep and what would be the 5 step process to achieve better sleep.

Ever wondered why your baby isn’t napping well? Why does your baby wake all night? Why does your baby fight sleep?

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In summary, here are the 5 Steps (suitable for babies older than 4 months old):

  1. Put your baby to bed fully awake
    • Your child needs to learn the skills to self settle/ self soothe, it is a skill which you would need to help them to pick up. It also takes lots of time and practice for this, so do be patient and go with the pace of your child.
  2. Give them an early bedtime
    • “Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise” – this saying is so true not only for babies, but for adults too! The recommended bedtime for most babies would be in the range of 7-8pm, as you don’t want to overtire them before they go to bed. A late bedtime could result in multiple night wakings and also early rising.
  3. Establish a good bedtime and naptime routine
    • Help your baby transition from playtime to bedtime. A good routine would signal the body and brain that it is time for sleep. A nap routine can be as short as 5 mins, while a bedtime routine shouldn’t be longer than 30mins. Make sure the steps are defined, and keep to daily consistency.
  4. Honour your child’s sleep needs
    • Make sure your child is clocking in the appropriate amount of naps and night sleep. Know what your child’s wake windows are, catch their cues and put them to bed/ nap at the right time. A good nap day would usually result in a good night, vice versa.
  5. Keep to your consistency
    • Don’t confuse your child, they learn the fastest when there is consistency in your methods and schedule. Try to keep to a regular bedtime and wake time, that way, your child’s naps should fall into place quite regularly too.

Do check out the video for full sleep tips and for you to get back on track 🙂 Are you seeking help to solve your baby’s sleep? Click here to view packages for all age groups.

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